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Ok, despite Karl Lagerfeld’s eccentricities, I absolutely adore his artistry. The Chanel RTW Spring 2010 show has taken my breath away. I loved the homey barnyard/country look of his show and how all of his models/outfits were just the right amount of this soft chic flavor, enough to be adorable every-day-wear but still high fashion. The blends of tweed with flowing transparent chiffon & colors of pastels starkly contrasting with black…. I felt like each model looked like they were in some sort of faerie-land, the outfits were so ethereal and they looked like ballet costumes.





I’ve noticed that this fashion season, transparent tattooed tights seem to be very in. Better snatch up a pair when you can, cause they look amazing!

Now about the footwear… I’m not sure how I felt about those clogs, I felt like they tied in the collection perfectly, but I would never be caught on the street wearing a pair. And they look like DEATH to walk in, ouch!




But these shoes on the otherhand, I would definitely purchase.


I like how soft the black appears against the carved ivory heel. I’m in love, how about you?

All pictures from Style.com

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Christopher Bailey designed some very spot-on items for his Burberry Prorsum ready-to-wear Spring 2010 collection. I’m not sure if I can say it was a complete hit or a miss though, there are some things that I loved and other things that caused me to raise my eyebrow. His colors were amazing though, I liked the beige, natural, and neutral tones that went along with everything.

My favorite item of clothing to wear are coats: peacoats, trenchcoats, etc. I just think that they’re so much fun and gorgeous. Bailey definitely impressed me with a couple of coat designs that he had created:



I thought it was interesting how his collection featured all these cinched, twisted, and knotted looks.


However, I don’t think I would ever wear that knotted and twisty looking skirt, not sure how well it would translate from the runway into the streets.


And the footwear of his models kind of bothered me…


All pictures from Style.com

I’m not a really big fan of the jersey socks underneath platform sandals. And that slouchiness of the socks just really clashed with the gathered look of the sandals.

What did you think? Love it, hate it, or don’t care much for it?

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