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Starting this week, I’m going to blog about the 5 shoes that every woman/girl must have in their closet, on their shoe rack, or on their feet. Every Monday and Thursday, I will talk about one of the five shoes that are a necessity. Trust me, if you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t like to have a lot of shoes, then you would definitely be satisfied with and see my reasoning behind the need of at least five. So here we go, shoe number one!

Ornamented/Metallic Thong Sandals


Clockwise from bottom left: Skechers Rock N Roll, Madden Girl Fressco, Mystique 3574, bo’em Eve, Donald J Pliner Gaga.

A pair of flip-flops is something that everyone likes to have in their closet, they’re easy to put on and comfortable. But if you only want to have five shoes in your closet, that pair of flip flops needs to become a pair of “thong sandals.” Personally, I think that “thong sandals” are a fancy version of flip-flops… after all if Louboutin came out with a pair of thong sandals and called them flip-flops, that wouldn’t sound too chic would it? So thong sandals, flip-flops, whatever you want to call them, are those shoes that you can easily slip on and form a V on the top of your foot. The thong sandals that I consider one of the five necessary shoes are made of a different material than your typical Old Navy or Haviana flip flops.

So why are these thong sandals necessary? Because they are just oh so versatile and are the perfect alternative to those cheap-looking rubber flip flops. With a pair of ornamented thong sandals, you can go to the beach with them in your swimming suit, and see how the ornaments glitter in the sun against the brown sand. Or you can slip them on with a cute flowy dress and look perfectly suited for summer weather. And last but not least, you can wear them just like you would wear a pair of rubber flip flops–on a quick trip to the supermarket in a pair of jeans. The main difference is that nobody would think you’re under dressed or too casual because they’re metallic and beautifully adorned with jewels, shells, etc.

Do you agree with Shoe Me In’s necessary shoe #1? Let me know!
And make sure you come back on Thursday for shoe #2…

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