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We’re almost done with the 5 shoes that I think all females must have! So far we’ve covered jeweled thongs, black pumps, and sneakers. Now let me tell you what the fourth shoe on my list is…



From top to bottom starting from left: MIA Midnight, Sweet Life by Dolce Vita, Naturalizer Carver, Steve Madden Dingo Dillan Cowboy, Nine West Ragtime.

Cowboy, high-heeled, knee-length, calf-length, flat, equestrian, rubber, lace-up, or whatever type you prefer, they are absolutely amazing! I wear boots whenever there is a rainy day, they are the perfect solution. No one says you have to reminisce your childhood and wear rainboots, you can just wear a cute pair of equestrian boots and still keep your legs and feet free from splashes of rain. Unless you’re the type of girl who can tough it up in the rain in heels (I prefer not to damage my heels that way) then you definitely need a pair of boots to help keep your feet nice and dry.

Boots are flexible with different outfits as well, so you’d definitely be getting your money’s worth. If it’s cold, then boots are great for keeping your feet warm. They also are incredibly “in” right now, so they should be a purchase you consider making. If you’re not really concerned about the rain, then you should think about getting the more bold and stunning styles that are all the rage now–peep-toe, over the knee length, or gladiator styles.

Since boots come in many colors, picking the right color is very important if you’re only trying to keep to the 5 shoe limit. Naturally, I’m a big fan of black so I would say go with a black pair of boots. However if you’re like me and wear black leggings, black tights, or dark colored skinny jeans then you might not want to get black boots.. then you’d get washed out in all the black that you’re wearing. I think the best bet would be to go with a brown, I prefer a dark brown rather than a bright burnt orange type of brown. Totally depends on you and your favorite color though!

Do you own at least one pair of boots? I’m a big fan of equestrian styled boots, love them! 🙂 Meet me back on Monday for the last edition of Shoe Me In’s 5 MUST HAVE shoes! Have a great weekend, xoxo!

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