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I promise Shoe Me In is still alive! I’ve just been really caught up with midterms and everything…. but let me show you all a new pair of shoes that arrived in the mail for me a couple of days ago. Forgive me, I don’t actually have a camera with me right now, so this was taken with my webcam!

Picture 018I love these shoes to death! They’re from Forever 21. Super comfortable. I can’t decide what I like most about them, the color or the detailing? My roommates and I are in love with this pair, haha.

Now I just have to plan the perfect outfit around it… Funny huhn? Usually people plan the outfit then add the shoes, I like to do it the other way around!

Do you like them? What would you pair with these heels? Help me out!


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How many of you have always wanted to own a pair of Jimmy Choos? I have always wished that I could shell out $700 in order to own a pair of the exclusive brand.

But yes, if you feel the way I do, we don’t have to wait that much longer! H&M announced in June that the next bigshot designer that they would be collaborating with would be.. Jimmy Choo! And what’s even better is that Jimmy Choo, an originally accessories only brand, will be designing clothing as well. And your guy friends, boyfriend, husband, dad, etc won’t have to be left out either, because H&M will also be stocking Jimmy Choo-designed menswear and accessories. I’m sure this collection will definitely sweep us off our feets and I’m very excited to see what Tamara Mellon (Jimmy Choo Co-Founder and President) has in store for us.

The above shoe is a design preview, I’m loving the side view… but this shoe will definitely be a “try-on-before-purchase” because I’m not sure if the front will be flattering on my feet. I guess, we’ll find out!

The collection will be gracing H&M shops on November 14th.  Get ready to hustle in a few months!! I will be posting a save-the-date a couple of days before. 🙂

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