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I promise Shoe Me In is still alive! I’ve just been really caught up with midterms and everything…. but let me show you all a new pair of shoes that arrived in the mail for me a couple of days ago. Forgive me, I don’t actually have a camera with me right now, so this was taken with my webcam!

Picture 018I love these shoes to death! They’re from Forever 21. Super comfortable. I can’t decide what I like most about them, the color or the detailing? My roommates and I are in love with this pair, haha.

Now I just have to plan the perfect outfit around it… Funny huhn? Usually people plan the outfit then add the shoes, I like to do it the other way around!

Do you like them? What would you pair with these heels? Help me out!


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Happy Labor Day! Yay for sales and no work! Now I’m presenting you the third shoe of the 5 shoes that every female should own. Remember I’m posting every Monday and Thursday on one of these 5 shoes. Now let’s see what shoe number 3 is…


So sneakers are a pair of shoes that everyone needs to own. A nice pair for a hike, walk, or run. It’s important to have shoes that are actually comfortable to do these things in. Which are why sneakers are necessary! They provide the action and exercise you need in your life. It’s the most common sense pair of shoes to have in your closet, because you can’t run, hike, or go to the gym in heels can you? So therefore you should definitely own a pair of sneakers.


If you’re not the type of girl who works out a lot, you at least need a pair of sneakers to do some casual walking. I am a big fan of Keds canvas sneakers, they are easy to wear and not hard to clean at all!

kedsNever forget to give your feet a rest from heels and other types of footwear. Sneakers are still proven to be the best for your feet, so make sure to own a pair to give your body a rest every now and again!

Come back on Thursday for Shoe #4! We’re almost done with Shoe Me In’s 5 Must Have Shoes! Can you guess what are the last two pairs?

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I’m currently blogging about the 5 shoes that every woman/girl must have in their closet, on their shoe rack, or on their feet. Every Monday and Thursday, I will talk about one of the five shoes that are a necessity. Right now, we’re onto shoe number two! The perfect little number for you to get started at work.

Black (Patent) Pumps


From top to bottom: BCBGirls Alimie, Ecco Coventry, Charles by Charles David Pompadour.

Black pumps are a necessity for the working woman. Professional workplaces require closed-toe shoes, so black pumps are the perfect solution. If you prefer to be a little bit more flashy, get them in patent. Like Rachel Zoe said, patent is something that is timeless. It will never go out of fashion! Or if you are willing to spend a little bit more money, you can buy them in leather.

Don’t think you can only wear these pumps to work though.. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or on a girl’s night out. Pumps are a staple in a woman’s closet and black gives them the ability to match with any type of outfit that you have on. You just have to make sure that you get a pair of comfortable ones that can be worn for a long period of time. Because black pumps are so easily found on the market, you can decide which type you want to invest in. There are makes ranging from Payless, Aldo, to Christian Loubutin. It also depends on the type of heel that you are interested in as well. If you prefer to stand steady on your feet, a shorter and thicker heel would be more suitable for you like the Ecco Coventry above. Or if you prefer to have height and stilettos, the Charles by Charles David Pompadour would be a great pick.

Do you have a pair of black pumps in your closet? Come back on Monday for shoe #3!

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