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I promise Shoe Me In is still alive! I’ve just been really caught up with midterms and everything…. but let me show you all a new pair of shoes that arrived in the mail for me a couple of days ago. Forgive me, I don’t actually have a camera with me right now, so this was taken with my webcam!

Picture 018I love these shoes to death! They’re from Forever 21. Super comfortable. I can’t decide what I like most about them, the color or the detailing? My roommates and I are in love with this pair, haha.

Now I just have to plan the perfect outfit around it… Funny huhn? Usually people plan the outfit then add the shoes, I like to do it the other way around!

Do you like them? What would you pair with these heels? Help me out!

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Starting tomorrow, October 1st, through October 4th take 30% off your order at Naturalizer! Just remember to use the code FFJ39.


I am liking how I can get a pair of really nice leather boots (Naturalizer Brommsly) for around $100 when the original price was $150… not bad, considering that Naturalizer shoes are so comfortably padded.

Don’t forget you get FREE SHIPPING if your order is over $200! And you can return in-store, as long as there is a Naturalizer nearby. I always purchase enough to get Free Shipping, just in case I want to return something later. 😉 That way I don’t get deducted for shipping costs!

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I think it’s fair to say that booties are now one of THE top fashion trends of this season and probably going to stick around for at least another year. They’re just so adorable and nice to wear. Instead of being completely like boots, designers have changed the “bootie” to display different features. They take on the style of sandals and even peep-toe heels… or they stick to the normal shortened boot style.

I have two pairs of booties… and I definitely want more. Here are some of my current internet shopping cart picks!


Oh and right now, Urban Outfitters has Free Shipping on orders over $75! Use the code “SHIPYEAH“. It expires on October 5th. There are a lot of new shoes in stock and a lot of good items on sale! 🙂

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So today is the last installment of the 5 must have shoes… We’ve almost covered all the required shoes for different occasions and now here’s the grand finale!

Evening Sandals


Clockwise from bottom left: Yves Saint Laurent Cage, Nina Gita, Cesare Paciotti T-Strap, Lauren by Ralph Lauren Alberta.

It is crucial to have a pair of evening sandals that are easy to match with your clothing when an occasion arises. You must have a pair of sandals ready in hand so that you can rise to that occasion! Wear these precious babies to a dinner event, dance/club, or to that very special date. As long as your feet look stunning, I am absolutely positive that you will too.

I would suggest going with a metallic tone, because it can be flashy while being simplistic. Or my personal favorite.. black strappy sandals, you can never do wrong in wearing those, they’re like the LBD of shoes!

Don’t forget that if you do get a pair of open-toed sandals that your toes are looking fabulous too. Well kept toes complete the oomph that you’re striving for.

Hope you all have enjoyed the five shoes that I think we all must have! Do you agree or did I forget to cover some absolutely necessary footwear? Let me know.

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We’re almost done with the 5 shoes that I think all females must have! So far we’ve covered jeweled thongs, black pumps, and sneakers. Now let me tell you what the fourth shoe on my list is…



From top to bottom starting from left: MIA Midnight, Sweet Life by Dolce Vita, Naturalizer Carver, Steve Madden Dingo Dillan Cowboy, Nine West Ragtime.

Cowboy, high-heeled, knee-length, calf-length, flat, equestrian, rubber, lace-up, or whatever type you prefer, they are absolutely amazing! I wear boots whenever there is a rainy day, they are the perfect solution. No one says you have to reminisce your childhood and wear rainboots, you can just wear a cute pair of equestrian boots and still keep your legs and feet free from splashes of rain. Unless you’re the type of girl who can tough it up in the rain in heels (I prefer not to damage my heels that way) then you definitely need a pair of boots to help keep your feet nice and dry.

Boots are flexible with different outfits as well, so you’d definitely be getting your money’s worth. If it’s cold, then boots are great for keeping your feet warm. They also are incredibly “in” right now, so they should be a purchase you consider making. If you’re not really concerned about the rain, then you should think about getting the more bold and stunning styles that are all the rage now–peep-toe, over the knee length, or gladiator styles.

Since boots come in many colors, picking the right color is very important if you’re only trying to keep to the 5 shoe limit. Naturally, I’m a big fan of black so I would say go with a black pair of boots. However if you’re like me and wear black leggings, black tights, or dark colored skinny jeans then you might not want to get black boots.. then you’d get washed out in all the black that you’re wearing. I think the best bet would be to go with a brown, I prefer a dark brown rather than a bright burnt orange type of brown. Totally depends on you and your favorite color though!

Do you own at least one pair of boots? I’m a big fan of equestrian styled boots, love them! 🙂 Meet me back on Monday for the last edition of Shoe Me In’s 5 MUST HAVE shoes! Have a great weekend, xoxo!

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Happy Labor Day! Yay for sales and no work! Now I’m presenting you the third shoe of the 5 shoes that every female should own. Remember I’m posting every Monday and Thursday on one of these 5 shoes. Now let’s see what shoe number 3 is…


So sneakers are a pair of shoes that everyone needs to own. A nice pair for a hike, walk, or run. It’s important to have shoes that are actually comfortable to do these things in. Which are why sneakers are necessary! They provide the action and exercise you need in your life. It’s the most common sense pair of shoes to have in your closet, because you can’t run, hike, or go to the gym in heels can you? So therefore you should definitely own a pair of sneakers.


If you’re not the type of girl who works out a lot, you at least need a pair of sneakers to do some casual walking. I am a big fan of Keds canvas sneakers, they are easy to wear and not hard to clean at all!

kedsNever forget to give your feet a rest from heels and other types of footwear. Sneakers are still proven to be the best for your feet, so make sure to own a pair to give your body a rest every now and again!

Come back on Thursday for Shoe #4! We’re almost done with Shoe Me In’s 5 Must Have Shoes! Can you guess what are the last two pairs?

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Starting this week, I’m going to blog about the 5 shoes that every woman/girl must have in their closet, on their shoe rack, or on their feet. Every Monday and Thursday, I will talk about one of the five shoes that are a necessity. Trust me, if you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t like to have a lot of shoes, then you would definitely be satisfied with and see my reasoning behind the need of at least five. So here we go, shoe number one!

Ornamented/Metallic Thong Sandals


Clockwise from bottom left: Skechers Rock N Roll, Madden Girl Fressco, Mystique 3574, bo’em Eve, Donald J Pliner Gaga.

A pair of flip-flops is something that everyone likes to have in their closet, they’re easy to put on and comfortable. But if you only want to have five shoes in your closet, that pair of flip flops needs to become a pair of “thong sandals.” Personally, I think that “thong sandals” are a fancy version of flip-flops… after all if Louboutin came out with a pair of thong sandals and called them flip-flops, that wouldn’t sound too chic would it? So thong sandals, flip-flops, whatever you want to call them, are those shoes that you can easily slip on and form a V on the top of your foot. The thong sandals that I consider one of the five necessary shoes are made of a different material than your typical Old Navy or Haviana flip flops.

So why are these thong sandals necessary? Because they are just oh so versatile and are the perfect alternative to those cheap-looking rubber flip flops. With a pair of ornamented thong sandals, you can go to the beach with them in your swimming suit, and see how the ornaments glitter in the sun against the brown sand. Or you can slip them on with a cute flowy dress and look perfectly suited for summer weather. And last but not least, you can wear them just like you would wear a pair of rubber flip flops–on a quick trip to the supermarket in a pair of jeans. The main difference is that nobody would think you’re under dressed or too casual because they’re metallic and beautifully adorned with jewels, shells, etc.

Do you agree with Shoe Me In’s necessary shoe #1? Let me know!
And make sure you come back on Thursday for shoe #2…

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How many of you have always wanted to own a pair of Jimmy Choos? I have always wished that I could shell out $700 in order to own a pair of the exclusive brand.

But yes, if you feel the way I do, we don’t have to wait that much longer! H&M announced in June that the next bigshot designer that they would be collaborating with would be.. Jimmy Choo! And what’s even better is that Jimmy Choo, an originally accessories only brand, will be designing clothing as well. And your guy friends, boyfriend, husband, dad, etc won’t have to be left out either, because H&M will also be stocking Jimmy Choo-designed menswear and accessories. I’m sure this collection will definitely sweep us off our feets and I’m very excited to see what Tamara Mellon (Jimmy Choo Co-Founder and President) has in store for us.

The above shoe is a design preview, I’m loving the side view… but this shoe will definitely be a “try-on-before-purchase” because I’m not sure if the front will be flattering on my feet. I guess, we’ll find out!

The collection will be gracing H&M shops on November 14th.  Get ready to hustle in a few months!! I will be posting a save-the-date a couple of days before. 🙂

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As we’ve seen lately, there has been a greater and greater influx of ruffles in clothing and now even shoes!


I’m a big fan of Nina Shoes and am currently loving their ruffled styles. Check out the Ulexa, the cute ruffle that travels from one side of the foot up to the other side. Definitely these are the pair of heels that would embellish your Little Black Dress perfectly! They’re around $90 but with a discount code (next post), you can get them for around $70 and no shipping costs.

Or if you’re not interested in heels but prefer a more casual ruffled look, check out Madden Girl’s Motif strapped sandal.

Madden Girl Motif

There are so many different ways ruffles can appear on our shoes. Running diagonally across the feet, a ruffled rendition on the traditional T-strap, or as a trim on any pair of pumps.

Clockwise from Top Right: Fioni ‘Koture’, Nina ‘Elga’, American Eagle ‘Eve’, & Mossimo ‘Ivette’.


 So are you ruffled by ruffles or do you love them?

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This post is a little bit overdue, but then again I just started my blog so bear with me!

Balmain S/S 09

Balmain S/S 09

So, Balmain came out with these glorious heels that have stormed the fashion world in what seems like a blur these past few months. Giuseppe Zanotti really outdid himself this past season (Spring-Summer 09) with this pair of heels. The beautiful crystals contrast the masculinity of the studs in what seem to be the shoes of the year.

Jeffrey Campbell



Ever since Balmain came out with this pair, other designers have been catching onto this studded style. Zara, Jeffrey Campbell, Aldo, Bebe, and etc. all make more affordable versions to the first pair that will run you about $1,400.

Anyway the Balmain heels and other “inspired” looks have come out for a while. There are even studded sandals now! Which I find more and more attractive as I debate whether or not to get a pair. The most attractive pair I’ve found are the ones on Endless.com for around $41! Not bad?

Rampage Lila

Rampage 'Lila'

So what do you think about studs and their appearance on shoes?

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